CIP-sponsered Webinar on IoT with Phil Zimmermann

CIP Webinar IoT – 2 December

In this webinar managed by the Information Security and Privacy Protection Center (CIP), the well-known American scientist and creator of the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) protocol Phil Zimmermann speaks. Phil talks about his vision and experience with the Internet of Things, the most important risks and desired approaches, and the role of cryptography in this scenario. The role and involvement of directors will also be discussed. Ben van Lier (Centric), an active member of INTERSCT, will also join the discussion as a guest.

Participants are invited to actively contribute to the webinar by asking questions via the Q&A.

If you are interested in this webinar, feel free to register by sending an email to Check regularly the website of the CIP for the latest information (

Written by Cristoffer Leite

Cristoffer Leite is a Researcher PhD student in the Security Group (SEC) at Eindhoven University of Technology, and an IT Researcher Intern at Forescout Technologies.