Work Package 3



– Providing a robust methodology for designing & building systems that autonomously cooperate for security, enabling the subsequent defence and updating in response to attacks.
– Understanding the drivers behind current bad practices & obstacles to introducing better ones in industrial practices.
– Providing showcases, incl. certified components, applying these techniques.

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Start date: M0

End date: M96


Jerry I. den Hartog

Jerry I. den Hartog

Eindhoven University of Technology

Jerry den Hartog is an assistant professor in the Security Group at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology. His research interests cover data protection for collaborative systems; while sharing confidential information is often essential to collaboration, it is only possible within a demonstrably trustworthy setting. 

Key Outcomes

The INTERSCT consortium is working hard toward producing the first tangible outcomes. The Key Outcomes of this Work Package will be available soon


Public Deliverables

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