A Successful First Edition of FUSE5G

Friday 19th of January 2024, with the sponsoring of INTERSECT, TNO and Radboud University successfully held the 1st edition of the FUSE5G Event in Utrecht.

The event included large participation from several countries, including the Netherlands and Germany, and featured a range of attendees and invited speakers from Academia, Private and Public Companies. 

Silke Holtmanns from PWC Finland focused on the impact of 5G on our increasingly connected society, featuring examples from cyber-attacks carried out in the wild.

Adrian Dabrowski from CISPA (Germany) presented security and privacy findings connected to MobileAtlas, a controlled testbed and measurement tool for cellular access networks doing justice to the technology’s unique structure and global scope.

Daan Planqué from Ericsson discussed security developments around OpenRAN, the open standard being developed globally for uniforming and opening the radio access layer of mobile cellular networks.

David Rupprecht from Radix Security talked about the security testing and certification process of 5G networks, to become mandatory shortly (2025).

Finally, Thomas Attema from TNO talked about the latest developments around Privacy-Enhacing Technologies (PETS) and Post-Quantum techniques for 5G networks and beyond.

Presenters from industry and academia shared a varied perspective on developments in mobile network security, with interesting talks and panel discussions, as well as large involvement from the audience.

The event is intended to be the first of the series, and to take advantage of the increasing attention on wireless and mobile cyber-security across the Netherlands.

Written by INTERSCT Communication