INTERSCT Featured in the Latest I/O Magazine

I/O Magazine is a publication of the ICT Research Platform Nederland (IPN), delivered free of charge to ICT researchers and ICT Research Schools and institutes in the IPN four times a year, with the aim of advertising popular ICT topics and activities in the Dutch ICT domain.

The latest edition, published in October 2022, includes a 4-pages article about the INTERSCT project, including interviews with the Scientific Leader of the project Prof. Dr. Sandro Etalle, the INTERSCT Programme Manager Harold Weffers, and Bart De Jonge, CEO of one of the industrial partners of the project, namely, Verum Software Tools.

The article highlights the research challenges tackled by the INTERSCT project, its initial results already advertised in top-notch international conferences, and the key role played by the societal impact on the long-time plans of the project.

You can check the full article here.

Written by INTERSCT Communication