Stash Kempinski is joining TU/e as a new PhD Student

As part of one of INTERSECT’s collaborations amongst partners, TU/e completed the hiring of Stash Kempinski as a new PhD Student. He has already experience on working with both academic and industry partners and he will act as one of the many links between the areas. Stash started his PhD on the 15th of November, 2021, and he will work part-time with Secura, one of the partners in INTERSECT.

A short biography:

Stash Kempinski completed his Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity Cum Laude on 4th of November, 2021, at TU/e. For his thesis, he created a quantitative risk assessment methodology for Operational Technology (OT) environments, named “Quantitatively Assessing Risk in Operational Technology  (QAROT)”,  which is now used in Secura’s OT-environment risk assessments.

In his own words:

I am very excited to start in the INTERSECT project, hope to make a sizeable contribution to the IIoT security domain!

Written by Cristoffer Leite

Cristoffer Leite is a Researcher PhD student in the Security Group (SEC) at Eindhoven University of Technology, and an IT Researcher Intern at Forescout Technologies.