The First Edition of AFFECT Held in Nijmegen

On the 14th of June, Radboud University, in collaboration with the ACCSS association, organised the first AFFECT (Automated Finding, Fixing or Exploiting of seCuriTy vulnerabilities) workshop in Nijmegen. 

The speakers presented work in progress, challenges and excellent solutions in the vast field of automated testing. The talks ranged from API fuzzing to Android, stateful, and binary fuzzing, triggering interesting comparisons and promising insight for future directions. 

Here it’s a list of speakers and topics (in alphabetical order):

  • Stefan van den Berg (TNO) – Web API Fuzzing
  • Andrea Continella (University Twente) – E2E Automated Vulnerability Research
  • Sjors van den Elzen (Secura)
  • Erik van der Kouwe (VUsec) – Fuzzing at VUSec
  • Erik Poll (Radboud University) – Stateful Fuzzing
  • Sicco Verwer (TU Delft) – State machine learning in Flexfringe
  • Harald Vranken (OU) – Detecting vulnerabilities in source code with AI
  • Marc Witteman (Riscure) – Firmware testing 

You can find the complete program of the event and the slides at

Written by INTERSCT Communication