Work Package 7

Federated Laboratory


– Provide a public, shared infrastructure for the development and testing of IoT devices that can be exploited both by consortium partners as well as by private citizens and public organizations;
– Establish consolidated experimental protocols and a testbed infrastructure to evaluate developed methods (Design, Privacy), detection capabilities and reaction (Defence), offensive procedures (Attacks), and device regulatory conformity (Governance);
– Establish an information sharing platform for experimental results as well as detected emerging threats and defences..

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Start date: M0

End date: M96


Luca Allodi

Luca Allodi

Eindhoven University of Technology

Luca Allodi is an Assistant Professor in the Security Group of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). His research focuses on vulnerability laws, with a strong accent on attackers’ behavior and strategies, seeking quantitative answers to the economics of vulnerability exploitation and the management of cyber risk. His research looks for technical, economic, and strategic factors that drive vulnerability exploitation ‘in the wild’. To this aim, he investigates the dynamic optimization problems the attacker solves when engineering a new attack, the underground markets in which the attackers operate, the technology they employ, and the rates at which attacks are delivered to the final users. This research draws from several field, including computer security, economics, risk analysis, and criminology. 

Key Outcomes

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